"How two dogs found peace of mind and maybe even romance through a chance musical encounter"

Meet Gino and Rio, two suburban dogs who once shared a common problem – anxiety.

Gino was always quite excitable, even as a puppy, but in a playful way. His owners, Ted and Margaret fondly remember the days when Gino would dance around on his hind legs with his favourite doggy blanket in his mouth to get some added attention from family and friends.

Back then, an appreciative pat on the head and maybe a biscuit or two would see him settle down contentedly in his basket. Of course, he was younger then and as time went by he his antics became more subdued, but he always remained excitable.

Then came the move.

When Ted and Margaret relocated from the country to the town where Ted worked, they found the perfect place close to a railway line. Their new home suited them fine, but they hadn't counted on the adverse affect the sound of passing trains would have on Gino.

He'd always hated sudden noises like fireworks and thunder, but since this was the case for most dogs, Ted and Margaret did not think the sound of trains would pose a problem.

During those early months they tried all manner of pills and potions, along with some specially designed garments to calm Gino down, but although these certainly helped, nothing really made any long term difference.

Loving Gino as one of the family, Ted and Margaret could see no other option than to leave their new home and find somewhere quieter.

It was then that Gino first set eyes on Rio.

He had heard her before actually seeing her as she was prone to whining for long periods and, as she lived just two houses away, Gino could hear this clearly.

Rio had not been in the neighbourhood long when Gino first caught sight of her as Ted took him for his customary evening walk. She had her nose pressed against the window as he passed. She was extremely pretty, but her eyes seemed very sad.

It seems her owner, Pam, was a single lady, who's business meant she had to travel a lot and although she made sure Rio was looked after and not left alone during her trips, it was Pam's company that Rio missed and she would pine for her when she was away.

One day on a flight back home, Pam got talking to another dog owner who's dog had suffered from a similar kind of separation anxiety to Rio. He told her he'd stumbled upon a website promoting a rather unusual solution to this problem, which had worked wonders for his dog.

Pam had always loved music, so the fact that this 'unusual solution' involved music captured her interest straight way. And since it was just a few dollars to buy and fully guaranteed, she felt there was nothing to lose by giving it a try.

When first hearing those 'magical' sounds that would hopefully weave their spell on Rio, she remembered how comfortable Rio always seemed when Pam listened to music with her beloved pet curled up at her feet.

Of course, there wasn't much chance to try them out when she got home as Rio was always perfectly at ease when Pam was with her. It was not until her next trip that she told her dog sitter what to do when Rio next started to fret.

The call she received a few hours later simply blew her away. Rio had stopped whining within minutes of these extraordinary sounds being played and slept through the night like a pup.

But it wasn't just the dog sitter who noticed the change in Rio.

Gino always looked out for Rio at the window on his walks, but on the occasions when she did look out, there would always be that sad look in her eyes.

Until one particular evening.

That night he saw her looking out as before, but something had changed. Now, the sadness in those beautiful eyes was gone and for the first time they noticed him.

A few days later they met in the fur, so to speak. Ted was walking past with Gino when Pam came out the door with Rio. Ted mentioned how he'd noticed Rio no longer whined at night and Pam told him the story of how this came about.

Later Ted and Margaret decided to try the same remedy for Gino, which proved equally successful.

Thanks to those 'magical sounds' they no longer had to consider moving and Pam felt much happier when going on her business trips.

As for Gino and Rio; Well, that's another story for another day...”

sleep like a pup


Sample this natural calming music for yourself. Each track combines a solo piano piece with nature sounds. These are also recorded separately with added Isochronic Alpha Tones to enhance this level of brainwave activity in your dog. Please note that these samples contain only piano with nature sounds.

Open Air blends Bach's delightful Air on A G String with the sound of a babbling 

Quiet Corner adds a soothing wind to Chopin's beautiful Prelude no.4 in E m 

Moonlight Beach adds ocean waves to Beethoven's magical Moonlight Sonata.


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